Your Turning Point


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Everyone has a ‘Should've’ story...

Everyone will have a reason why, they have not achieved…

I get it... 

Everyone will also believe & feel their story is the worst kind of situation to happen and is why they continue to be challenged.

Me too, I understand how you feel, I fell into that category as well.

The struggles, being overweight, uneducated dropout... who used those reasons for many years to justify back then! Finally, I now understand why and can see they were some pretty sad excuses.

Well, I am not going to go down that track, I’m skipping past the first 20 years of my work life, putting it down to extraordinary self-education, many hard hitting brick walls, which I now know....gave me some incredible skills now…

  • Like persistence, determination, confidence resulting in an abundance of financial freedom and a healthy lifestyle.

What's your turning point?

For me, it was 

  • so sick and tired of being broke,
  • unhealthy, smoked, still on the cuddlier side and felt like I was in quicksand….

Feeling constantly stuck, with no options & beating myself up all the time…

Till I finally said, STOP no more of this;

Throwing caution to the wind, no more of this!

Curiosity kicked in!

I mean really curious! I wanted to know what people were doing and why they appeared to have more success than me!!

Way back then, I began my journey with NLP- Neuro-Linguistic Programming was my attempt to understand myself better. 

And, I feel in love with the  possibility...

No questions asked. I took a deep dive into Self Development.

You may ask

What is my point in sharing this story with you?

It took me some time to understand this...


Your life is a reflection of your internal stories and it’s those stories that are creating your own greatness or keeping you stuck where you are.

If you want change... you must deal with the stories.

Till the next time …You deserve Greatness.

Helene Mearing

Many of us learn, there is a lot of 'Should of's' in life & business! . My mission was to find a way to make my Hair Salon more productive & profitable...this lead me down the path of coaching.
Coaching has became my purpose, my mission and passion, giving my clients a lending hand to make the transitions in life and ultimately get them to the next level.

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