Who Do You Have To Be?


BE, DO then HAVE - what does that mean?

Research shows you and I become the average of the five closest people you hang around with, now, that gives you something to think about deeply.

So let me ask you...
Who do you have to Be First! To-Do the things you need to do, To Have the results you want…

Let's face it, most of us get caught Doing, Doing, and wonder why we still haven't achieved the results we want.

You can't get to your goals by Doing, Doing, Doing.
You must come from your goals and vision
You must BE that person first and start by putting in the groundwork. 

Transition first before you transform. 
Areas like Building Your Email List … If you don't have a list, you don't exist. Look after your client list well.
According to some of these three principles, I've found that the world dictates how much money you make.

 Principle 1.

Be Do Have -Humans are like onions - we work from the inside out. But what do most of us DO… We work backwards from the outside in-game.
We have learned to work backwards, and many of us accept these Models of Reality from the world around us.

For Example:
  • You've got to work hard to make money [Do. Do. Do] to have. 
  • It's hard to make money [yet there is more money floating around thanks to the Internet]
  • Only Rich has that 

Creating change is a challenge. For most of us, we don't know how to change. 

If we did, and what you've done in the past worked for you, you wouldn't be reading this blog or continually searching online, webinars, or forums.

Yes, you can take MASSIVE ACTION as many gurus preach

But the fact is that we keep repeating the same old patterns for many of us.


Have you ever looked at your mind like a computer?...If you don't have the right software for the computer, it won't do what it needs to do.
Same goes for you; If you don't have the self-identity (your software), the same thing in life, you won't do it.

Yep...Your life is a printout of your exact programming, good or bad! 

We go deeper with the Rebel Hair Salon Masterclass; however, if you want your external world to change, you MUST change your inner world-first...Stop working backwards and start with your subconscious identity first.

Principle 2.

Build Your Email List -We all need a Distribution Channel, and your Email List is part of it.

The money is not in the product; it knows how to distribute your product, and to do that, you must have an email list as a part of your marketing plan.

The money is not in the list itself but the quality of your relationship with your subscribers.

How do you build a world-class relationship with your list? Promote value as often as you can.
  • Genuinely serve your readers without any expectations in return. 
  • Be helpful, and be of service frequently. At least once per week. Have a set schedule. 

When I think about building influence with my clients so that people can trust me, it's about being authentic, friendly and likeable and building relationships. Be genuine and include your readers in your life. Share your passions and opinions. 

Principle 3. 

Learn the Rules: The world dictates how much money you make according to these three factors, 

1. Competition
2. Self-Education
3. Leverage

Our world is changing fast now; business is changing, and opportunities are opening up into a whole new way of doing. Employment rules have changed; many are looking for ways to create income. I was making it harder to get your voice heard above the Competition.

Therefore continued Self-Education is essential to keep up with this speed of change we're going through. Finding the gap between what you know, what you should be doing and what you're doing is key.

Want to create Leverage in your business? Then look at the value you create.
What are the relationships with your crowd? Start building leverage by combining with other areas like

  • Start to learn what an affiliate is. Money comes from providing the value you offer through our free market system. 
  • Use these affiliate tools to turn these people into your people.
  • Build a tribe or movement around your mission and the vivid vision for your business.

The next decade is critical.

I believe people are tired of the constant push, telling you what to do...They want relationships with real people; they want community involvement.
People are the key to building a long-lasting business that wants referrals and stable customers. The key to your success.

Create a movement, not just a business.

PS: Stop The Bus: Attention Attention you want BE DO HAVE?
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This last week, that all changed - Donna changed my life. 
If you've been struggling with Goals and achieving your outcomes - you need to listen to this FREE training with Donna CEO Habits I can guarantee you, you will never look at goal setting in the same way. 

Till next time...

Many of us learn, there is a lot of 'Should of's' in life & business! . My mission was to find a way to make my Hair Salon more productive & profitable...this lead me down the path of coaching.
Coaching has became my purpose, my mission and passion, giving my clients a lending hand to make the transitions in life and ultimately get them to the next level.

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