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What’s Keeping You Stuck? part 1.


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The core role of your business is to generate financial freedom & abundance for you and your family.

Even if you have a business, this can be washed away or keep you stuck if you don’t address these common mental roadblocks.

What’s holding you back from being at the top of your industry?

Building everything you desire, creating your vision…

Generally, the responses I get are...

  • Don’t know what to do to get there!

In today’s world that is no longer a plausible excuse or reason.

In today’s information world, all the information is there and readily available.

  • How to do your books - 
  • How to Cut Colour videos
  • How to price your salon services

Google anything and it is there.

Maybe 20 years ago there was an incredible secret. But we live in a world that you have all the knowledge you need in the palm of your hand.

And the ability to connect with experts in your field no matter where you are located.

The true root cause of keeping many stuck...is many know what to do- but they don’t do it!


Hairdressing was my trade, it’s clear researching social media, many are doing the training, attending the courses, working with Business consultants/coaches…

They can see the path they need to take if they want to be top of the industry - but they don’t do it.

“External Solutions rarely solve internal problems”

My favorite words of wisdom from my coach and mentor - Mike Dillard.

“Your subconscious programming determines your destiny”

But for whatever reason ... you’re not able to consistently take action and move forward…

  • Even worse many know what to do but it’s almost like an invisible force holding them back
  • It’s not that you don’t want to be successful or wealthy or aren’t willing to do the work or what it takes to get it.
  • Maybe you’ve started and had some great success but then start to sabotage your progress, leaving yourself back at ground zero
  • Maybe you’ve hit an income level and you just can’t breakthrough...

All have the same problem no matter what level you’re at! 

And I want to assure you...


The mental roadblocks that are holding you back from becoming the best version of yourself - are not some strange personality flaws

They are actually subconscious programs that are running in the background…

But more on that in part 2 ...

Shifting perspectives with

Coach Helene

Helene Mearing

Many of us learn, there is a lot of 'Should of's' in life & business! . My mission was to find a way to make my Hair Salon more productive & profitable...this lead me down the path of coaching.
Coaching has became my purpose, my mission and passion, giving my clients a lending hand to make the transitions in life and ultimately get them to the next level.

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