5 Top Women Hairdressers

By Helene

May 25, 2023

Here are five top women hairdressers in Australia and globally who are renowned leaders in the industry and have significant online recognition:

  1. Tabatha Coffey (Australia/Global): Tabatha Coffey is an Australian hairdresser, salon owner, and television personality. She gained international recognition as the host of the reality TV show "Tabatha Takes Over," where she helped struggling salons turn their businesses around. Tabatha has an extensive online presence and is known for her expertise in hairdressing, salon management, and education.

  2. Jen Atkin (Global): Jen Atkin is an influential hairstylist and entrepreneur with a massive online following. She has styled the hair of numerous celebrities and is the founder of Mane Addicts, a digital platform dedicated to all things hair. Jen is known for her innovative techniques, trendsetting styles, and collaborations with major brands.

  3. Sharon Blain (Australia/Global): Sharon Blain is an award-winning hairdresser, educator, and author. She is renowned for her expertise in long hair styling, especially intricate updos and bridal hairstyles. Sharon has a strong online presence, offering educational materials, tutorials, and courses through her website and social media channels.

  4. Sally Hershberger (Global): Sally Hershberger is an iconic American hairstylist with a global reputation. She has worked with celebrities like Meg Ryan, Jane Fonda, and Tom Cruise, and is known for popularizing the "Sally Shag" haircut. Sally's innovative approach to hairdressing and her trendsetting styles have earned her widespread recognition and a significant online following.

  5. Zoe Irwin (UK/Global): Zoe Irwin is a highly regarded British hairdresser and creative director at ghd. She is known for her editorial work, runway collaborations, and artistic approach to hairstyling. Zoe's unique vision and ability to push boundaries have garnered her international acclaim and a substantial online presence.

Please note that while these hairdressers have gained significant recognition and have a strong online presence, the hairdressing industry is vast, and there are many other talented professionals who may also be considered leaders in their respective regions or specialties.


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