For Women Hairdressers on a journey of Self- Discovery, exploring their values strengths and purpose.

To Change Your Business & Your Life, Change Your Beliefs.

Until you break away from the way you see your present reality any change in your life will always be haphazard and transitory and will impact your Business.

What we do

At Curiosity Coaching

We look to explore new possibilities and expand our client's skills in an ever-changing world... Our mission is to empower women to live their best lives by cultivating a deep sense of gratitude, embrace self-discovery and acting with integrity and courage.


Through self-discovery, we help our clients identify their strengths, values and purpose, so they can create a vision for their future.


We prioritize integrity, emphasising the importance of honesty, authenticity, and ethical behavior in all aspects of life.


Finally, we help our clients cultivate courage, encouraging them to step outside of their comfort zones, take risk, and embrace their full potential.

why we do it

We’ve been there

I know first hand how challenging it can be to build a growing business in the hairdressing industry. I've faced the same struggles and roadblocks that my clients face, from managing finances and staffing to staying on top of industry trends and constantly evolving technologies. But through it all, I've learned that self-growth and curiosity are the keys to success.

We want to bring innovation

At Curiosity Coaching, we believe in the power of Innovation to help our clients get noticed and succeed.

But what's our secret formula?

It's more than just technical skills - it's a deep understanding of how neuroscience impacts all business aspects, including sales and marketing.

words of Inspiration.

What they say

Theresa Walsh


You should be proud of what you did for myself and the other girls. I am really grateful, I have a great deal to thank Helene for and I am forever grateful for her training.

Cristine Hunt

Real estate Sales

Helene has a thirst for knowledge, always striving to learn and improve on all levels of life, your Tenacity and determination when setting a goal, loyalty, positive attitude, you’re a genuine person and care for others.

Rebel Hairdresser

Discover how Hattie, the Rebel Hairdresser makes a difference .

Hattie understands the unique challenges women hairdressers face, and she know that self-growth can sometimes take a backseat to the demands of running a busy salon. In this inspiring book, you will follow the transformation of Hatti, a hairdressing entrepreneur who over comes her limiting beliefs and achieves ultimate freedom.

Success Stories

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