What happens when you combine unrelated industries?

Collaboration with Employees

You get Results through Collaboration

Never before in my lifetime has there been a better time to start your own business.

Opportunity is everywhere thanks to e-commerce & the internet.

You can market your product to people on the other side of the globe while you sleep..

Build Communities - Collaborate

If you have ever dreamed of  starting your own successful business for little money out of pocket, now is the perfect time.

But, you have to have an internet connection and  a phone or laptop of course..

Now, while this is great for many who are jumping on the entrepreneurial path.

For some though, it's creating cracks in their business.

Starting with staffing problems....your possible staff, they too are seeing these opportunities.

Let’s face it,  why would they not look at their own business to create financial freedom and the lifestyle..

Here is something to think about. - the  US added 700,000 new millionaires in 2017.
This has not come from traditional business ownership,.
It’s from combining the Gig Economy with traditional business  & entrepreneurial thinking..?

Interesting isn't it?

With all  the tools available through the affiliate business model, there is no reason why you can't collaborate with your team and work together.

4 C’s of Business

  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Community
  • Compensation

Look around your community...

How many small business have closed down, shut shop, have no exit strategy, resulting in massive behind the scenes problems?

Money, stress, family breakdowns, their lifestyle is compromised from running what should be a success in their life .... their small business.

Purpose Driven Business

But when you think about it, if we collaborate,  build communities, everyone wins.

Imagine the change you could create. How would that make you feel in your community?

It’s time to blend and combine unrelated industries like small business and entrepreneurs. Move away from what I call the ‘Silo Model’ and use the Gig economy too collaborate, through creativity and abundance.

Not this scarcity competitive mindset the silo model creates.

Collaboration with Employees

As this blog develops and we delve deeper into the mind map shown in the above video.

You will see how the root of your success in business today is not the silo model, it’s working together and with purpose.

Using these tools, will create growth.  Your GPS - Growth Profit System increases ... 

But more on that, in the next post.

P.S: Collaboration is key if moving forward in today's economy. If you got value from this blog please leave a comment & share.

Moving forward in today's economy.

Be the change maker