What did you really need & want to make you start a small business?

why did you really go into small business?

Strange question you may think.

The challenge is most people know what they don’t want before they know what they want.

 Many years later, I finally understood what this question really meant.

What did you want …

Easy to say make money, but money is the outcome.

To achieve this you must begin to think differently about what the money will do for you.

This is why personal development is critical to your success. Keeping the same mindset you have now, will only achieve the same level of results you have today.

Build Wealth You Must Begin To think Like the Wealthy Do.

Your thoughts do represent your results and if you’re looking for financial freedom.

It is important, you have to not look at who you were, and look at who you need to become if you are going to go where you have never been before… with more riches that is.small business planning

Most of us were great at your trade with the next step running a business to make your life better.

But does it always work out that way?

One of my favourites, Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle really makes you think deeper into why you are doing what you are doing.



  • What – Everyone Knows What they do. The product you sell the service you offer
  • How –  You can also refer to How as your USP – The things that make you special, different or better than the competition
  • Why – Very few people can state Why they do.


Define what you really want so you can work out why you are in business?

Is your dream clearly written down, or is it still floating in your mind with all the rest of the stuff?

 Is it to create

  • Freedom from debt
  • Freedom from the 9-5 grind
  • Freedom from unfulfilling existence
  • Create time freedom
  • Freedom of purpose


To Build Your Foundation – Start with Mindset.

Did you know your thoughts will determine your reality?

If you want to accomplish your goals in life, Mentally, Physically, Spiritually & Financially then you have to become the person capable of achieving those results…

Your mind thinks in pictures so learn to focus on what you want not don’t want…Remember we think in pictures and if I said to you “Don’t think of the Statue of Liberty” …

What did you think of?

Think of what you want in your business will produce what you want.

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– Helene Mearing, Rebel Business Builder