July 5

“What can we do to Scale Up our Revenue”

Scale Up Our Revenue – Bill on an Hourly Basis?

Scale up our revenue and make more money how can we do that with out increasing the head count?

How do you make more money?

Three ways to look at this…

  1. You have to charge more.

  2. Get more clients..

  3. Or you have to sell different products

Let’s look at this….  You have to add more value to charge more or you can Get Leverage.

Coming from a hairdressing back ground, I know when you have to touch each person you are limited to how much growth you can have….(Of course if you have an exceptionally brilliant team this may be easier)

To scale more in today’s economy you need to make the product less about you and let it be more technology based.

Now I know that is hard for many business owners..

Technology has changed every thing… Technology is creating opportunity for all and is a major reason all business needs to adapt into their strategies if they are going to scale up their revenue.

Survey from  ODesk/ Upworks platform.Scale Up Our Revenue

  • 72% of clients who have a regular job want to quit that job in the next 2 years.
  • 61% said they are likely to quit.

Why – because they’re not happy with what they are doing they want freedom and autonomy as they are not fulfilled.

Being an entrepreneur is not about how many business you have started, it’s a mindset and mindset is shifting.

There are more than 10,000 courses in the US on Entrepreneurship. High School kids wanting to start businesses and this is happening through technology.

People want to take care of themselves, yet they still need you as small business owners to provide work in your community…

To scale up your business look at point 3 – Sell different products .

Tap into technology and join in the global disruption to generating income.

As your staff are!

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