We Want Partners Not Employees.

We want partners not employees

The old model needs up dating.

Let me  start with…

This post may peeve some of my hairdressing partners off.

But that is okay,  this could be a wake up call.

We all have to be honest with ourselves, and take responsibility with where we are at…  Our life, Our business, and  Our partners which are your employees.

No matter where you are at – earning $10, $100, $1000 or a $1 million is based on the investment you are making in yourself and your business.

And by investment, I don’t mean spending capital on expensive equipment designed to make you thousands of dollars in the next few weeks like I’ve just read in a thread on Facebook.

You have one MAJOR step before that… and that is You.

You are so much more than who you think you are, and when you learn specialized skills and action skills you’ll learn to think differently and immediately start changing your business.

One other interesting thread I found was…

The “What Should I Do?” question.

It went on to say … One of my  staff has her own Facebook page and is taking my clients.

And, of course she was inundated with the most amazing negative responses.

Blaming the employee….

What You Focus On Grows.

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The frustration, blame and disappointment in the thread was interesting.

I wonder how they will all respond when they speak to their own staff next time.  Perception is Projection.

Do you know what is funny?

We want partners not employees

We want partners not employees.

Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes.

I was in the Hairdressing Industry for 30+ years. And, I do have a giggle when I read some of the threads….


So does that not tell you something…

What you’re doing is causing those results you are getting.

And if you keep doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. It ain’t going to happen!

No matter how exclusive, the equipment you add into your business is.

Who we spend out time with and how we spend our time, is actually whats creating our results.

Time to start with you changing and expanding your thinking

To have success now and in the future, you must become a creator of your own success in business and in life.

And your employees want exactly the same thing… Read more here

Come on guys, you all have millenials working for you. Many are incredible entrepreneurs now.

So ask yourself a better question…

Instead of asking “What Should I do?”

To “How can I effectively enroll everyone in this business as my partner?”

You and I both know today there is a very different map of our business world today, thanks to technology… and if you go back to your

SWOT analysis – your strengths your weakness, your opportunity and yes threats.

The secret lays here.

Strengths:  You know why you went into business in the first place. Write it down, focus on all your strengths and then build on that with new skills you can learn as an entrepreneur.

Weakness:  We all have areas of weakness, if it is artistic you can build on that. Generally, it is our belief system…we have the wrong pictures going on in our mind and we ask the wrong people the answer…

Opportunity: This is the most exciting time for business and to be in business today. Opportunity is huge for you to create partners not employees, create loyal followers and build community.

Threats: Yes, technology has created concerns for many. Being pushed to the edge of your comfort zone; it is here you have a choice. Stay where you are, or give me your hand and take the quantum leap… There is so much more on the next level.

In business growth today, We Want Partners Not Employees.

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