How NOT To Do A Video!

Video Key Steps.

Video would have to be one of the confronting parts of doing business online …

Wouldn’t you agree?

My key learning over this last few weeks..

Never Start a Video With Out Knowing Your Outcome.

Is the video about selling something, or getting people opting into your email list what is the out come you want for that video.

As this will dove tail your script perfectly into the next 3 key steps into doing your video.

  1. Pattern Interrupt – Control the focus of your viewer. Ask questions.
  2. Pay Off – What is in it for your viewer, why should I watch this. There has to be education for your viewer, value of some kind… their actual pay off.
  3. CALL TO ACTION. – This is where many of us fall down completely. Stuff up either asking for the order or telling them the next step you want your viewers to do. What ever you want them to do you need to ask them to do it.

What do I mean by that…

With My first video – Learning how to use a Selfie Stick.. the intro might just pass as a Pattern Interrupt through controlling of focus for a short time… but NO question is asked. With Pay Off…a small amount of education and Call To Action ….NONE!


Taking A Step In The Right Direction With Video.

With my new found approach to doing video…I knew the OUTCOME – subscribe to my Newsletter. The front page… could be a little Pattern Interrupt – The Pay Off is in there – and the CALL TO ACTION is VERY clear.

Video can be challenging and confronting… but video is essential for you to start to master. As the saying goes…

“Just Do It”…. you will improve with each one you do.


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See you online..

Helene MearingHelene Mearing


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