July 4

Turn Your Passion Into Profit..


Turn Your Passion Into Profit Is Key If You Are To Survive With Business Today.

Turn your passion into profit…?

As I was reading through ‘The Circle of Profit’ by Anik Singal for the 3rd time there are some incredible light bulb moments and a major area is based on turning your passion into profit.

Passion is the key to your success. BUT passion alone, is it enough to build a strong business? And I am going to say no to that. When you think about it, we all have these amazing dreams when we are young to conquer the world, to be financially free and live the dream life.

But something always gets in the road.

So what do many of us do… we hate our jobs we’re in so we start our own business.

We are passionate about our trade, we believe we can do a better job than anyone else so why not.

Now, this can work well for many but ¬†life and business will always present you with you what you are not good at or can’t control…things like the back end of the business or political unrest and change… the stuff you don’t see and the stuff you can’t do a dam thing about!.

Nothing Changes Unless Something Changes!

Turning your ‘Passion into Profit’ won’t happen unless you front what you don’t know and be prepared to invest in yourself and your learning.

If you are not growing you are dying.

The world needs more entrepreneurs. No longer is the business world a safe place for employees so where does that leave the small business owner. Yes you have the passion but turning it into profit means you must adapt and make changes.

Governments are broke and often tax the heck out of small business.

The Internet is a world of business, the superhighway of business growth at your fingertips just waiting to help you turn your passion into profit, enable you to earn while you learn.

Turning your passion into profit begins with you being willing to learn, be open to change and face what you don’t know then start to grow.


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