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Rebel Business Builders Re Launch

Mind Map for the Rebel Business Builders

Let’s face it, in today’s gig economy…business has changed! For the small business entrepreneur, running a business can be a nightmare! Rules, regulations, overheads, employees and don’t forget the paper work. The prime reason many go into business, is to make money. Sure,  I get it,  but making money is the  result. For your business to succeed today, […]

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How NOT To Do A Video!

Video Key Steps. Video would have to be one of the confronting parts of doing business online … Wouldn’t you agree? My key learning over this last few weeks.. Never Start a Video With Out Knowing Your Outcome. Is the video about selling something, or getting people opting into your email list what is the […]

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Struggling Where To Start With Internet Marketing?

Network through your blog

Let’s Face It, Internet Marketing Sucks!. Internet marketing can be punishing and will test you out to the fullest but the rewards behind it are worth it. Stick with me, this will tie into the prior video on perfectionism and procrastination. After spending 3 days this last week at Top Earner Academy the link between […]

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How To Disable You Tube Videos Not Relating To You

 Disable You Tube Videos Distracting Your Viewers   You work hard to create your video, it’s important to get maximum viewer time you can, disable You Tube videos not relating can help with this. Have to admit I have been guilty myself getting side tracked with  videos which show up after you have watched your […]

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