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We Want Partners Not Employees.

We want partners not employees

The old model needs up dating. Let me  start with… This post may peeve some of my hairdressing partners off. But that is okay,  this could be a wake up call. We all have to be honest with ourselves, and take responsibility with where we are at…  Our life, Our business, and  Our partners which […]

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Who can we help succeed today?

For You To Succeed Today, You Must Help Someone Else Succeed. To succeed today, I had to have the biggest “Ah Ha” Moment with my Home Business journey compared to my brick & Mortar. Anyone here into breaking the rules and studying unrelated industry models that are working, see how it is done then learn […]

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How To Build a More Profitable Business

Rise Of The Entrepreneur

Create Leverage and Massive Income Tricks don’t work trading longer hours and hard work don’t work in creating a more profitable business. However skills and the right tools to create leverage will create the massive income result for you. How do we make more money for your business? ……..    How can you scale up […]

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