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What did you really need & want to make you start a small business?

why did you really go into small business? Strange question you may think. The challenge is most people know what they don’t want before they know what they want.  Many years later, I finally understood what this question really meant. What did you want … Easy to say make money, but money is the outcome. To […]

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“Infinite Possibility Creates Magical Beings”

Infinite Possibility creates magical beings in you and me. Infinite Possibility is all around us and limitations exist only in our minds… With change comes change. How does that saying go… The Whole is Greater Than the Some of the Parts.. When you feed your following, build your tribe and start your own Heros Journey […]

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Struggling Where To Start With Internet Marketing?

Network through your blog

Let’s Face It, Internet Marketing Sucks!. Internet marketing can be punishing and will test you out to the fullest but the rewards behind it are worth it. Stick with me, this will tie into the prior video on perfectionism and procrastination. After spending 3 days this last week at Top Earner Academy the link between […]

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Can My Blog Captivate and Seduce My Audience with a My Whitty Stories


Before You Publish Your Blog To Promote Your Business Learn how to promote your business with a blog for free. Step One: Do Key Word Research – Blog ideas to Promote your business adwords.google.com/KeywordPlanner Step: Two: Use Primary Keyword. Then use multiple times through your article Like 7 ways to promote your business with a blog! […]

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