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How to Profit with Passion Projects.

We want partners not employees

A Lumberjack, a Botanist, and a Monk walk into a forest. What do they see? The botanist sees plants to study, the lumberjack sees trees to chop down, and the monk sees the miracle of existence. Three people, three different perspectives on reality. Each one of us, you, me, the person you work with all have a different […]

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Attraction Marketing

What is Attraction Marketing? And how do you teach Attraction Marketing? People are attracted to people who they believe can help them. And what I notice the most is, all great attraction marketers are great storytellers. This is why I have been attracted to MLSP. They have many great leaders and storytellers there sharing, supporting […]

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Focus on NOW Decreases the Results of Building a Better Future!


Now Starts With Taking 100% Responsibility. The hardest thing for me to learn in business was my success would come because I took action. Business Success would come when I was doing many things right all at once. Putting all the key components together. And all of these components need to be working at once. […]

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