March 13

Who can we help succeed today?

For You To Succeed Today, You Must Help Someone Else Succeed.

To succeed today, I had to have the biggest “Ah Ha” Moment with my Home Business journey compared to my brick & Mortar.

Anyone here into breaking the rules and studying unrelated industry models that are working, see how it is done then learn how to combine them with what you are doing?

 This was my challenge for a long time and how I finally with some great mentors, I cracked the code to create additional streams of income to create a profitable salon…. and it’s not just about you anymore if you want to succeed today.

Yes, I too, thought like 98% of the population, you know that old saying…

Birds of a Feather Flock Together.

But I wanted more, so I had to become more to succeed today.

After 30 plus years in the brick and mortar business world, doing the same thing over and over again, for me it was cutting hair, and then expecting a different financial result…

It was clear then, something had to change and it was here, I started to investigate multiple streams of income sources in my business.

What you know is what you live.

You don’t know what you don’t know.

All that brought you too at that moment, is the sum total of what you knew at that stage and who you were.

And if you were to create a different result,  you had to walk away from what you were clinging too.

Face up to what you don’t know at any stage…. this is the outside of your comfort zone.

Get over the “if only” stage and start with what you’ve got and make it great.

Excuses are only well-planned lies that force people to shrink their dreams.

  • 98% of the population has been conditioned to shrink their dreams with excuses.
  •  98% look for reasons, not results but to succeed today.. you have to think different.

To Succeed Today You Must Help Others Succeed Too.

To Succeed Today

As my mentor said to me…

My job here is not to impress upon you but shake you up if you want to succeed today. It is never your circumstances that determine your success in life.

It takes only one thing to change and that was a decision.

Are you ready for it?

You can’t change people he said.

Weigh your ego with your bank account …. which one ways more.

That was the game changer for me back then.

All I could do is work on me and how I respond to people.

Look at your skill sets, and where you need to be more open in business.

The biggest breakthroughs come in combining unrelated industries.  Mistakes most industries do is look at their competition and copy them.

Think about this possibility …

What if you could take a totally unrelated industry and combine it with your unrelated idea and make it yours?

How would that make you feel?


P.S: Also, check out our Finding the Ripest Fruit in Your Business for more business tips
– Helene Mearing, Rebel Business Builder


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