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Building your field of dreams through your small business.

Becoming a creator of success and a creator of small business success today has changed so much from the days when I ran my hair salon.

Building your field of dreams your hearts desires, can be easier for everyone today, thanks to technology,  is actually harder. Too many options, to much distractions 

Today, you can't just be a seeker of success - You must be a creator of success.

To have success now and in the future, for you and your small business, you must become an entrepreneur.

Building Your Field of Dreams

Speed of implementation is key. Take what you learn and apply it immediately.  Entrepreneurs connect, build and self motivate. As well, create profitable innovative business's.

Modern Small Business and Life

Job security is going extinct very quickly, impacting many in communities far and wide.

Entrepreneurs will create more success for others. New jobs will come from small business entreprenurs.

In the past, we learnt a good trade, got an education and many thought the pension or their retirement fund would be okay. But we know that changes every day.

Most people haven't noticed or don't want to notice the labour economy is crumbling and not up dating your knowledge is leaving many in challenging postions.

Entrepreneurial people are jumping in and taking bite size pieces of what use to be a stable small business, causing this creative destruction.

Where does this leave Small Business?

We have entered a new world of opportunities for more people to be entrepreneurs in this knowledge and technology economy.

Which leaves the dilemma for many, getting their staff on track, happy and working productively where in many cases, they are still working old school rules.

Researching threads on Facebook and Forums with my trade of Hairdressing, it is obvious with the comments from many, they are challenged.

Business use to be a small set of niches controlled by a few.

Now we have a bigger dynamic Eco system controlled by entrepreneurs.

The strategy for success in the future for small business is mastering the skills of the entrepreneur.

You Can't Make Money From What Use To Work In The Past.

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If a millennial or influencer wants to create a marketing campaign on Social Media, they pull out their iPhone.

No studio, no director and no budget.

Opportunity is in frequent.  You have to be ready. Today, with the help of your team you can combine both using the right product and the right opportunity.

P.S: Business success thrives where there is an entrepreneur who is continually developing their skills, there knowledge and their ability. Click Here to Book a strategy session with Helene Now.

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—Helene Mearing, Rebel Business Builders