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You need to know...

 Your online journey will present you with some interesting challenges along the way, along with some massive opportunities.

It is important to...

Do your research! Please don't allow yourself to get caught with shinny objects. There is no quick easy money making machine online.   Focus on one thing, till you master it...

Spreading yourself to thin, creates overwhelm and causes many to quit. Master one thing at a time before you move on.

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Recommended Resources

Great Books to Grow By.

Cashflow Quadrant

Behind the scenes, what really goes on when building a successful business. For me, I was a bumbling, introvert who dropped out of school early attending the University of Life. Thank God for books, self education and people like Robert Kiyosaki and the Cashflow Quadrant. This book serious played a major part on my journey to retiring debt free and living a great life.

Essentials for building your business long term.

Get Response

The fundamentals of any business starts with the relationship you build with your potential customers, and your already existing loyal followers, whether online or shop front. Yes, this can be a mammoth task in any business however is essential in the Gig Economy… this area here is one of your most valuable assets of your business. if you Google auto responders, you will find lots to review all with great points, however it boils down to what you need for your business, cost and simplicity to use.

I have tested a few, but Getresponse wins hands down for me... And with what it provides at now, it fits my budget beautifully.

Relationship Marketing


Gratitude, Happiness, Engagement, Magic Moments the key to building your through Relationship Marketing. When you want to be that business everyone is talking about then build gifting and appreciation into your business. Sending out to give is more important than sending out to get. And in today's hectic world, if you want to increase your customer base - Use appreciation.

Affiliate Marketing


The truth about marketing and persuasion is, that it is, a cutthroat competitive area. Unscrupulous, money grubbing techniques you fall for, only to find you compromise your values, sliding down the dark hole of spamming. However with huge changes in the work force, understanding marketing is essential to kick start your own online income.

There are NO quick tricks, hidden cash machines or easy ways to build your business online. Self Education is key. After working with two major marketing platforms, I almost quit. What happened? I was finally ready to be a student again, as I truly appreciate The Value of quality and compelling content ClickBank University Provides.