Rebel Business Builders Re Launch

Mind Map for the Rebel Business Builders

Let's face it, in today's gig has changed!

For the small business entrepreneur, running a business can be a nightmare! Rules, regulations, overheads, employees and don't forget the paper work.

The prime reason many go into business, is to make money. Sure,  I get it,  but making money is the  result.

For your business to succeed today, there has to be a deeper purpose not just money.

Also, along with  having a bit of fun, not the pressure, overwhelm and the stress off. And the worry ...What if things don't go according to plan, what happens to my retirement funds?

When I look around my local community, the turn over of business ownership is huge and it doesn't have to be... Take a look at this video and you'll see what I mean.

Rebel Business Builders Re Launch

To begin with, yes I am a modern elder, who has run successful business's (hairdressing in particular) What I aim to share with you through this blog, is business still has the essential fundamentals you must follow, that will never change - laws, regulations, taxes, council rules for example.

This blog is more about what I consider to be the ultimate strategies for building a business in the Gig Economy... No longer is it just Brick and Mortar, it's Brick and Click.

You, the small business entrepreneur are the heart beat of any community and must succeed!

When you leave my blog, you will have clarity through your creative control, this mind map shows you how.

Mind Map for the Rebel Business Builders

No longer are you the Silo Based Business. Instead, your building communities with collaboration of others. In this blog we will be sharing strategies and ideas with you, ways to create confidence in what you do in today's business model. More on that in the next post.

Whilst increasing your  cash flow, building residual income and expanding your client base with long term loyal customers..

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Your mind map and how to use your Smart Phone for Business

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