How to Solve Overwhelm in today’s busy world.

Overwhelm stops so many, yet never before in the history of mankind has there been a better time to start your own business.

Thanks to e-commerce & the internet, you can market your product to people on the other side of the globe while you sleep…

How cool is that?

Challenge though, for many overwhelm kicks in, stopping people abruptly in their track.

I feel your pain my friend, it happened to me too.

And you must not let it.

Did you know overwhelm is proof that you are growing?

Firstly, what is overwhelm?

  1. No Plan
  2. No Focus
  3. No Activity

Now, how to solve it.

Firstly, step back and take a look.

  • Begin with your plan. Do you have a plan and plan of action written down?
  • With your written plan you now have somewhere to Focus.
  • Activity is key! All learning but never doing is what holds many of us back. Yes, have been guilty of this one too. You must implement what you learn. All of us get stuck in the learning mode and it is the learning mode that causes overwhelm.

The only way to create understanding, is when you implement your top-level activities.

Confusion will disappear when you implement

  • I hear and I forget
  • I see and I remember
  • I do and I understand

For example, creating Facebook lives. It’s not until you do it, do you understand it.

Building a Business - Building a House

Your Plan = Your Blueprint Foundation.

Then chunk it into bite size pieces.

  • Facebook lives- Lay the foundation to training programs
  • Blog posts – Business content logical order of events
  • Real revenue making activities – talk face to face with people
  • Generate leads through providing value – Attraction / Interactive Marketing
  • What are the core activities that I have to implement? Activities that need to be done.

I will accomplish X by Y:  Fill in X with the job you want and Y the date:

Condition yourself to see it and feel it. Go into state - your conditioned mind.

Make it a must and make it a ritual. When you see it enough times, you make it happen. Yes, we are defined by our rituals. We saw it again and again.

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Building success

Helene Mearing