How to Profit with Passion Projects.

We want partners not employees

A Lumberjack, a Botanist, and a Monk walk into a forest. What do they see?

The botanist sees plants to study, the lumberjack sees trees to chop down, and the monk sees the miracle of existence.

Three people, three different perspectives on reality.

Each one of us, you, me, the person you work with all have a different lens on how we see reality.

You may be asking why is this important?

It is important because we have entered an age where everything is changing rapidly. Now and in the future opportunities are increasing exponentially.

Thanks to technology, we have more opportunities than ever before to learn new skills, travel to new places, meet new people and even start your own business for $500 or less.

Today, you don’t have to wait for opportunity you can create it now.

Our Value Systems Are Changing the World.

Passion Projects

How does this then impact you, the traditional business owner.

For many years running my salon, spending time business coaching the biggest challenges always spoken about were... 

  • Time - You never have time, time for self time for family & friends
  • Team  - Always a challenge, never finding the right people
  • Money - Cost of running the business leaving you with no money left month end.

Fast forward to today.

Still the same challenges, only you can throw an extra one in there - Technology.

Go back to the beginning of this post, three different people with three different perspectives on reality.

What would happen if you changed your reality about your business?

Many attempt to the re inventing of old outdated systems, preferring to stay with what they know. Instead of overcoming this fear of failure, with new thinking, so you can then have more of what you want in your life.

Isn’t that the reason your went into business for?

Create Your Passion Project.

Working more hours, spending less time with your family and not planning as many holidays only

 makes staff disgruntled, disengaged and why they are looking for solutions online.
Passion Project

With each generation, giving, seems to becoming more and more important.

Passion projects are all about giving. 

So is giving  the answer for growth in business?

Is it realistic to think that you can create happiness alongside profit?

Harvard Business school thinks so. The number one college course sort after today is all around giving.

It is also around you creating financial freedom, it is called “Social Business Model.

Social Business or Passion Project is where you combine the power of marketplace to solve a global problem. It is where passion is combined with business and purchasing.

I believe everyone can participate, in particular this is the perfect concept for my past trade of Hairdressing. Profit with Purpose. 

This is also why today, collaboration with others multiplies your power, helps you to increase your revenue while reducing costs. And best of all it expands your market share … long term.

P.S: You could also include a Social Business into your everyday primary business. Pick something that you would like to help get better in the world and attach it to what you do full time. Social business, passion project is being coined as being one of the top profitable business ideas of the century. My invitation to you, to review the Passion Project Profit with Purpose I chose to work with helping to fight human trafficking and  slavery.

To Your Success.