How Much Do You Believe?

How much do you believe?

You must  believe in it before you can see it.

Working through my coaching program with Eben Pagen, one of the greatest online entrepreneurs, boy, my belief level has been challenged.

However, it does make you look deeper inside yourself.

What do you believe about Success?

Success is not a secret. It’s a system.

To start with, you must have a system. You can’t get from where you are to the next level in life by the same level of thinking.

There is a process, a transformation.

The Cashflow Quadrant is the perfect analogy.

cash flow quadrant

E: Employee -Learning what it means to have a Job.Learning what it means to have a role inside an organisation. To move to S.E- Self employed, you have to have different aspirations.

Learn everything about being an employee to transitioning and transforming into a self employed person.

This is what we call a paradigm shift.

Employee mindset worked on the job to …

Self Employed you’re new on the entrepreneurial journey.

There is an identity shift… You are no longer an employee.

It is here we really need to start to work on our creativity and create belief.

In order to create it, a successful business that is.

 You have to first create it in your belief first. 

First a thought before it becomes a thing.

Becoming an entrepreneur, building a successful business will have challenges.

It will test you and make you question what on earth you are doing and why.

Have you heard the story of the Chinese Bamboo? 

It is just like our life.

The Miracle of Chinese Bamboo.

Key points for life  and business.

  • Huge rewards come to those who believe.
  • Plant a dream.
  • Do the daily things that make it a reality.
  • Ignore those who say it couldn’t happen.
  • Push passed your own fear and doubt and keep taking action.
  • Have faith when there is no reason to have faith.

And so much more….

In order to become a leader, create your vision for the future, direct yourself and lead yourself … You must take control – Personal Responsibility.