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Emerging opportunity – The Social Business…


Could Hairdressing be the Emerging Opportunity Solution for Communities? Let’s think about this some more Are you wondering how to get different results in your business, while continuing to doing what you’ve always done? If so, we need to talk. You see, for results to change, the steps leading to them must change. In other […]

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How to Profit with Passion Projects.

We want partners not employees

A Lumberjack, a Botanist, and a Monk walk into a forest. What do they see? The botanist sees plants to study, the lumberjack sees trees to chop down, and the monk sees the miracle of existence. Three people, three different perspectives on reality. Each one of us, you, me, the person you work with all have a different […]

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Wanted 10 Entrepreneur Hairdressers –

Hairdressers Opportunity

Ready to Make opportunity their success.Master your mind and anything is possible.​I learnt something remarkable – In The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins and when you use it once it will be there for you whenever you want. But more on that a little later. After years of personal development, reading studying and still, I found […]

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