How to Combine Unrelated Industries and Create a Massive Break Through.

Hairdressing + Eating + Entertainment = Fun & Long Term Opportunity.

Anyone of my hairdressing friends into breaking rules and think outside the box?

"When you look at the skill sets you have, and how, that is what determines the income you have".

Maybe it's time for our industry to start looking at business with new eyes.
When you really take this on board, you know it is time to break some rules.

Why struggle,  attempting to sell shampoos and conditioners, when it's easy for your customer to purchase online at a far better price.

The challenge is though, most think like 98% of the population.

There is an old saying " Birds of a feather flock together"

What do we do, we flock with the same level of people we feel comfortable with.
Same thinking patterns, similar income levels, and same approach of doing business.

Did you know, you become the average of the five closest people you hang with.

 Hanging out with the 98%er's, who are looking for reasons, not results; will not create the life you went into business for.

The 98%er's have been conditioned to shrink their dreams with the excuses and look for why it won't work.

Is that you? Do you keep hitting that glass ceiling?

When someone says, I have 20 years of experience as a hairdresser. My answer is No! you don't. You have one year of experience multiplied 20 years.

Be the leader

​This happened to me this week... except she was 10 years (now only doing 2 days a week!)

My job here is not to impress you but shake you up.

Realize, hairdressing is in the best position in this new economy!

But when you read headlines like this.

Worthless Hairdressing Qualifications Leave tens of thousands unemployable.

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Joy drives a Porsche, Michelle earns £120,000 and Ella has a three-bed house at 33... so when will snobby schools stop stigmatizing hairdressing as an unfulfilling and lowly paid career

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Hairdressing Business

It drives me crazy.

Hairdressing, today, is in one of the most powerful positions as a small business.

Why do I say  this?

Clients still have to come to you, the salon!

It can't be physically done online. It's time to break the glass ceiling and create massive results.

Too take a line, from Simon Sinek, (And do yourself a favor and check him out on You Tube)

The Human Race, We Are Social Animals We Have The Ability Form Groups.

And Love Being Connected To A Group Of People With A Common Set Of Values And Beliefs
It’s The Community That Protects Us We Feel Safe In Community
When You Surround Yourself By People Who Believe What You Believe - Trust Emerges
Trust Is A Feeling, A Human Experience

Exactly, where hairdressing fits, in so many communities.

Online has not taken over the hairdressing may of dinted your retail a little but that is cool.
Many hairdressers, with an open mind, and who like breaking the rules of a system, that doesn't like independent thinking...

They,  have found a solution.

They are true entrepreneurs. Someone who sees what they want and they go out and get it.

Not like our non - entrepreneurs who see the things that prevent them from getting what they want.

Massive Change In Thinking is Needed

My job here is not to impress you but shake you up.

Have you have set a glass ceiling? And set it too low?

We have the 2%er's achieving amazing results, and the 98%er's still looking for reasons not results.

It's time to stand up and turn the other direction. It's time to think outside the box.

Or should I say, look more from your clients perspective, and listen... they will tell you the problems they have.

Conditioning for Success

Remember what you plant you will reap. You plant excuses you reap excuses.

Industry Break Through.

The biggest break through, comes from combining un related industries.

The biggest mistakes the hairdressing business does, is copy their competition.

And if I hear this one more time, my staff can only concentrate on their hairdressing...I say time to wake up. Your staff are probably looking for different solutions to their problems too.

When you take a totally unrelated industry, and combine it, with your unrelated ideas and make it your own... Boom! Game Changer is on.

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Helene Mearing

We create abundance in our lives when we place a higher value on serving others. We can't change the world until we, ourselves change how we interact with the world. Once I changed my limiting beliefs, I was able to see opportunities. Changing your beliefs changes the way you see the world...