Dream Building Versus Goal Setting

Dream Building Exercises

Where To Begin.

Could you think about the idea that you have access to the mind of the Infinite..

If money was not an issue  – What would your Dream Building look like?

The challenge for many when they go into business they get caught up in the thinking of those around them and in many cases loose the skill of dreaming and exploring possibilities.

I was intrigued with a story I heard about exploring possibilities.

Fisherman Story.Dream Building

As the story went a young fisherman was intrigued as he watched an older what he thought more experienced fisherman  catching all these big fish but throwing them back in the river and only keeping the small ones.

Being curious, he wanted to find out is it because the bigger are tough and not as good to eat so he went over and asked.

Turns out he had a broken off ruler measuring all.  The big were thrown back into the river and the small were kept.

The broken ruler measured the exact size needed for his frying pan.

Interesting, instead of getting a bigger frying pan (dream) he stayed in the confines of his own reality.

How does that fit with your steam of life?

The Law of Form.

Anything you hold in your mind reproduces after it’s circumstance. If you decide for a bigger dream you then begin to work with the process.

We either Design our Dream Building process or we allow it to fall back to default.

Falling back to default is all you know now, your history you have had. The quality of your life will be determined by the quality of the questions you ask and the environment you connect with.

One of the reasons I joined with my networking family… they ask big questions, produce big results and the universe is constantly providing.

Make Up A Possible Dream You Want

Your Dream Building has to matter to you. When you think about the life you imagine ask yourself..

  1. Does it give me life and do I feel expansive?
  2. Does it align with my core values? (Align your dream with your core values)
  3. Is your dream going to require you grow and stretch?
  4. Do I need help from a higher power?
  5. Is there some good in the dream for others?

Learn to believe in yourSelf…

Let me know how I can add value to you or your business..

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