How To Disable You Tube Videos Not Relating To You

 Disable You Tube Videos Distracting Your Viewers


google-youtubeYou work hard to create your video, it’s important to get maximum viewer time you can, disable You Tube videos not relating can help with this.

Have to admit I have been guilty myself getting side tracked with  videos which show up after you have watched your main. As I went to other websites it was here I could understand why it was important to disable You Tube videos with similar nature to yours.

Problem with that your viewers are being lead away from your blog!

To solve this problem you can disable related You Tube Videos which has all the other videos show up.

Steps To Take:

1. Up Load Video to your You Tube Channel

2 Click on Share button

3. Click Embed button & show more (just under embed code)

4. Under video size you can see => Show suggested videos when the video finishes – Un check this box it is set automatic to show suggested buttons.

For those of you who are visual check out this short video …..>>

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