“What your company doesn’t want you to know!”

Your Business is YOU, not Your Company.

Your company is the best, you’ve done your research, you believe your product runs rings around everything else out there on the market.

Here is the truth! So does everybody else.

Let’s face reality, your success or lack of it depends entirely on one thing, your ability to prospect, recruit and convert clients into customers or business builders.

What’s the biggest problem that you face online or offline?

I’ll bet your biggest problem is like mine!

Getting in front of enough prospects, immediately without doing much of this horrible prospecting or spending money advertising madly and know results, madly pushing your company.

There is a problem most of us have and it is the cold calling monkey on your back.

Your company tells you to write a list, use the 3-foot rule or spam your link on social media…remember it’s a numbers game!

Yeh right!!!

After many years in business, it was okay for me clients came to me! I was the hunted, not the hunter. When I look back to how successful my business was, it was based on me and the team… not the company products we used. We never advertised any product. We advertised us!

And this is the problem with prospecting and recruiting today on social media and in your community.

People continue to work the old way of spamming and churn and burn or regurgitate over everyone.

Why I choose Attraction Marketing.

In business, all I have ever wanted is to create and control my own destiny. I wanted to build my own future. I wanted to be the one in control.

Today there are so many variables impacting the results we get. Technology has created massive changes and I believe impacting and crushing the old school of business building and hassling others.

Google, Social Media like FaceBook are making sure this is happening.

The Internet never forgets and is why it is critical to learning the keys to Attraction Marketing if you want to stand out from the crowd.

5 Step Promotion Strategy To Attraction Marketing Formula

  1. Education Strategy.- Continue to educate yourself.
  2. Sales Funnel Strategy – this is you learning how to provide value in exchange for their email.
  3. Email Followup Strategy – They say the money is on your list however the list is of NO value without follow-up.
  4. Traffic Strategy- Learn how to drive traffic.
  5. Maximize your income – Not everyone is interested in your primary on the first meet. This is where you learn the skills to maximize your income even when they say no to your opportunity.

The Attraction Marketing Formula is the #1 way to build your list, build your downline and business community around you with the Internet. And who are loyal to you.

And the key… it is not your company…. it is YOU.

Helene MearingHelene Mearing

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