“Building Your Business Model Today”

Building your business

Building Your Business in the New Economy

Today we have…

  • A new era of business
  • A new era of technology
  • A new era of thinking

Where does that leave you and your business?

Thinking back over my hairdressing career, it has been great for me… no complaints at all if you call working from pay check to pay check a great way to build financial freedom.

Yes, after a close call with my life I knew it was a warning sign I had to make some changes. I started to look deeper into my own financial education … reading books, listening more to what was really going on around me and finding mentors who I could model.

I started my own business as I knew profit was better than a pay check.

Moving forward to today…

2016 is proving to be an interesting year, Brexit has just happened, elections in our country Australia and of course the interesting elections in the United States.

On top of that I just finished reading and interesting blog talking on the benefits of Network Marketing to help families make ends meet..BUT the responses in the comments box were amazing…absolutely blasted this poor women with all the dark age negative shit from last century…A great way to build your business model??


The challenge today is we have  MAJOR changes in how we conduct our business -> Online and Offline and they go hand in hand… you can’t have one with out the other. Research online alone is massive… Read my last blog for more details.

Building your business today means you do need to use these online tools. Being a master of business you have to be honest with where you are. Make a plan to get from A —-> B. as it is concerning to read statistics like 86% of people are unprepared for Retirement.

P + S =O ….. Problem + Solution = Opportunity.

 Problem...cost of running a business (in all areas) Solution … Scale up ‘Income Producing Activities’

Equals Opportunity …New thinking New technology New Business.

Technology today is creating opportunity and a big reason many choose to work from home. Learning systems to run on auto pilot and generally have a referral income connected to it is the new era of thinking.

You can’t scale up doing it all on your own. Burn out is one of the biggest costs to the work force. Small business owners burn out. Stop trying to do it all yourself and get your best people to build many areas….

And yes YOU enroll them in the referral income…Building your business

Most business struggle with the trust equation but those with a strategy and presence online is consistent always win.

Survey Reserve Bank of Australia.

600,000 Australian Small Medium Business are on Social Media.

180,000 of them have no strategy. = No Consistency, No Frequency, Potential Not To Be Trusted.

3 Critical areas to building your business and driving sales.

  1. Websites – Your blog
  2. Membership sites-Emails and Webinars
  3. Your Personality – Social Media, build your tribe

Stability in your business comes from diversity in the business, the new era of thinking.

P.S. Finding where to start can be overwhelming and is one of the reasons I chose MLSP to be my training ground. It is generic and works with all business models and you have a safe community to ask any question you may have. Take a test run, see if it is a fit for you.

See you online.

Helene MearingHelene Mearing

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