Attraction Marketing

What is Attraction Marketing? And how do you teach Attraction Marketing? People are attracted to people who they believe can help them. And what I notice the most is, all great attraction marketers are great storytellers. This is why I have been attracted to MLSP. They have many great leaders and storytellers there sharing, supporting […]

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Power of Residual Income..for Small Business

Be the Leader

Create Growth – The Power of Residual Income. The Power of residual income through being an entrepreneur is not about how many business you have started …  It’s about your mindset, and being willing to shift and learn. When you start a small business, you start off by ask yourself.. What are you really good […]

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How NOT To Do A Video!

Video Key Steps. Video would have to be one of the confronting parts of doing business online … Wouldn’t you agree? My key learning over this last few weeks.. Never Start a Video With Out Knowing Your Outcome. Is the video about selling something, or getting people opting into your email list what is the […]

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