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We all differ greatly. what you like, what I like are going to be completely different.

When it comes to choosing business tools to work with, it’s only through testing,  researching and stalking others online to find out what is working and what is not working that’s given me full confidence in recommending these products.

The challenge when you first start online…. you go for the cheapest version only to find it was a complete dud and it will cost you more in the long run.

3 Essentials we all need.

  1. Auto Responder

  2. Blogging platform / website

  3. Marketing Know-How

The tools below, I have found best suit me and I found the simplest to work with.

These are Affiliate tools …. in other words, they pay you to recommend them.

And in today’s business model, it’s all about leverage and creating The Loyalty Profit Loop.

Essential Tools to Build Your ‘Click & Mortar’ Business

In the areas of


Marketing and Lead Generation –  Elite Marketing Pro  … It doesn’t matter what business you are in … you still must learn the basic skills of marketing yourself. Instead of paying insane fees many charges… learn the essential beginning steps to get you started…





Think Local Buy Local Campaigns can now add Build Global to that as well –  Ultra Smart Fly CardAn Ecosystem (R)Evolution … Ultra Secure, Ultra Convenient, UltraSmart connecting you with your client’s long-term, creating viral marketing and building ‘The Loyalty Loop’ in your business.




Attraction Marketing Formula – Online Business Building Tool Kit … Let me send you this Free online business building course. Whether you’re in small business, direct sales, or network marketing learning how to attract business online is key.



Email Automation for Everyone.Sendlane is a key component of any business. Your product is not the product or service you are marketing.  Your product is people. And everything is based on the relationships you build with them. Every business needs an Auto Responder



With all these tools,  there is an increase in your marketing skills, profit results and of course your confidence grows as your business grows.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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Your Success is My Success

Helene Mearing