The Future of Hairdressing -Train in Entrepreneurship

I could start my 'About' story with 

“After 30 plus years Hairdressing I could spruik on about how clever I was, the training I’ve done and the business I’ve owned…” Boring! 

Today, 2020, life is very different and I believe, that approach is no longer the future of hairdressing. 

Instead, I asked myself a better question for me to better serve with this blog…

What’s the one thing that has been most difficult, creating the most pain for me, in business and my life?

To answer this honestly, I had to really look deep at the patterns of my life…

The highs, the lows, the emotional challenges, the failures, limiting beliefs and the mistakes...

Guess what, they all linked back to one thing.

My Core Level of Thinking!

It took me 20 years plus a major accident before I finally had my wake up call…

Over the years, I purchased all the courses and books but I was still BROKE, living from paycheck to paycheck, wondering what’s wrong with me.

I didn’t understand how my life was a complete reflection of what was going on within me.

 I was working from my limited context, my glass ceiling.

Let’s face it, back then, Hairdressing was and still is a fast-moving ego-driven Industry and I was caught up right in the middle of this emotional rollercoaster. 

Yes, I still love this industry. It is an essential industry with so much to offer with personalization at a deeper level.

And is why my mission as a coach today, is to serve as many of those who still struggle, {like I did} with growth ideas and how to stop the pressure and the noise. 

I believe it is time to challenge the status quo of traditional hairdressing and  2020 has confirmed this. There must be a new way of training to broaden the horizon of hairdressers and the essential roles they play.

Today, as I look back, Hairdressing has allowed me to go from being stuck, chasing quick fixes and guru nonsense, too finally focusing on what really matters in this new world of doing business

The essentials of business will never go away, continuing to develop your artistic skills and business skills are critical but more importantly today, how do you take your business to the next level?

Turning from wantrepreneurs to real entrepreneurs.

Freeing yourself from all the noise and the BS and learning how to build a sustainable business to carry you into this new world of being, without having to hustle 24/7.

This is why I have come out of hairdressing retirement to build the ‘Rebel Method’. Looking at entrepreneurship and personalization both professionally and personally at a deeper level.

It’s about challenging our thinking, creating a paradigm shift and transforming your life from the inside out. It may take the need of "Being comfortable with Being Uncomfortable", I know it did me, but this is where change happens.

With Gratitude

Helene Mearing

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