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Discovering your deepest reasons ‘Why’ is key, if you are to win long term with your small business ideas.

Before Helene set off as a solopreneur,  her biggest learning in small business was to understand your "WHY". Most think it is to make more money of course!

But Helene soon discovered, you need more than that to succeed in business. 

Money is the result!

You must have a deeper understanding, WHY you are doing this.  Developing small business entrepreneurial ideas takes hard work & drive.

Helene was like many business owners, she thought business ownership  was the same as being an entrepreneur. Till she delved deeper and found... 

Both have a small business, but have completely different thoughts and styles on running their business.

Business Ideas
Entrepreneur Books

Quickly, the entrepreneur books came out, as Helene was determined to find different business ideas to combine with her business.  She knew if she was to succeed with business today, she needed to understand how the gig economy would work with her traditional business thinking.

What was the first step, in Helene’s entrepreneurship development?

Helene started by looking at the people she was connecting with.

To create growth, she needed bigger thinkers to model.

Why is this important?

As Helene said...you become the average of the five closest people you hang with.

" I never wanted to go backwards. I know what it’s like to struggle, to have no belief in yourself, no education and being a shy introvert. To learn how to stand up for yourself, know you can achieve anything and be in control of  your own destiny was key."
Helene looked for bigger players and mentors.
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Creating Success...

Helene Mearing

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