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The biggest shift in small business is happening - People are deciding to be entrepreneurs rather than just employees.  Small Business and Entrepreneurship do go hand in hand and remember your team.

They make perfect Intrapreneurs...

 What will your life look like in this area when you have reached your potential?

Working Hard Does Not Guarantee Success In Business.

What does in today's business model - Is combining your existing skills with Entrepreneurship. Instead of just focusing on your FRONT end of business - You build your BACK END TO.

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What Sets Business Apart Today?

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Hairdressing and Entrepreneurship go hand in hand. You need to have the technical skills, artistic skills and of course business sense, but today customers are looking for more... The future of  hairdressing is about combining our skills with Entrepreneurship. It's about who you are  being at a deeper level.

Jared Jackson Dean - Salon Eleven, LA


You want your customers to feel appreciated. Attraction Marketing is really about how you make your customers feel. We increased our client base through appreciation. The number one reason why customers leave you is not because of service or price. It's a perceived in difference...They think you don't care about them.

Darla DiGrandi - Hi-Lites Salon & Day Spa 

The Fun Part of Business is Not What You Have Done

But what you are going to do. Always appreciate your team and customers.

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